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Social Media Marketing Packages

Total from 450 PLN per month

Social Media Marketing Packages

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Frequently Asked Questions

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There are 3 packages available to choose from, which can be extended with additional services. Our expert will help you choose the right configuration before you start working together. A detailed list of prices and description of services is given in the tables above.

Publications will be regularly posted to your channels by our social media specialist, with whom you will jointly agree a plan of action prior to publication.

Social media is still the easiest way to engage customers. In Poland alone, there are more than 30 million Internet users. Having an online presence is extremely important for businesses. If you have any doubts, we recommend you to read our expert’s article.

A marketing analysis consists of a detailed survey where our specialist develops a social media strategy. This strategy is then sent to the client for final approval.

During the marketing analysis phase, you can choose the days on which your posts will be published. In addition, our specialist will advise you on which days it is best to publish them.

Yes, you will discuss with the specialist the exact material recommendations on your profiles before starting work (during the analysis phase).

Promoted posts increase your audience reach and allow you to better influence your target audience, i.e. your customers. If you want to be effective, use promoted posts even a few times a month. We recommend promoting at least one post per month to see results.

We’ll help you! Within each of the 3 packages you will receive from our specialist

  • assistance in customizing your profile or page;
  • visual design recommendations;
  • tips on choosing a profile picture so that it is appropriate and relevant to your business;
  • assistance in creating your description.

In addition to promoted posts, ads can be placed through Facebook Ads Manager. The cost of such a service is 75 PLN per month + the budget of the advertising campaign itself.

Absolutely. However, we advise you not to add posts on days when a post has already been added by our specialist. This approach to work will keep the profile’s audience reach at an optimal level.

Hashtags are hyperlinks that have posts from a specific category underneath them. Using them increases the potential audience for the content published on your profile.

Stories is content that is only available to users for 24 hours from the time it is published, and is displayed to app users first because it is on top. Instagram has an option to save storis permanently as favorites on your profile.