Ласкаво просимо до Найбільшого бізнес-інкубатора в Центральній та Східній Європі!



Фундація «Twój StartUp» є найбільшим бізнес-інкубатором у Центральній та Східній Європі.

Якщо Ви бажаєте мати власний бізнес і отримати посвідку на проживання в Польщі, ми можемо Вам допомогти.
Більше 5 років ми допомагаємо запроваджувати та відкривати бізнес наших клієнтів у Польщі. Нам довіряють понад 1500 іноземних компаній. Ми знаємо, з якими труднощами Ви можете зіткнутися під час переїзду в нову країну, і наш багаторічний досвід допоможе Вам подолати багато з них.

У кожного є шанс стати щасливим володарем успішного бізнесу





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Vinayak Chaturvedi
Vinayak Chaturvedi
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I have been living in Warsaw, Poland for one year now as an English instructor and my academy referred me to Twoj StartUp after having many issues with my previous business activity. I can wholeheartedly say that it has been the best decision cooperating with Twoj Startup. The team at Twoj Startup consists of very kind, helpful, and patient advisors. My advisor for the last few months, Ursula Fijalkowska, has been really wonderful to work with; helping me situate my taxes, work permit, and residency. Without a doubt, Urszula has made the entire process much more relaxing and manageable for me. I highly recommend Twoj Startup to everyone looking to work and live in Warsaw, Poland.
Kirill Fyodorov
Kirill Fyodorov
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I have been cooperating with the Foundation for more than 3 years and during that period I realized, that it is the best way to run your business. Accounting department and questions related to jurisprudence have always been tricky topics for me and with StartUp I’m sure, that my issues are dealt with according to all accounting and legal norms. My coordinator Valery Mohylna is always ready to help me and advise me about the processes of taxation and invoices issuing. Law department helps me with issues related to signing different contracts and, in general, is always ready to guide me, how to make my business 100% legal and accordant to all rules and regulations. I recommend you to join the Foundation, to enjoy your business and not to worry about an.
Robin Singh
Robin Singh
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The team at Twoj Startup Matuesz and Aleksendra were amazing from the point I met them to getting my paper work done, they were very professional and responsive and patently answered all my queries. They went above and beyond to ensure the process went smoothly with immigration. I Highly recommend Twoj Startup
Patrick Joyce
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I have worked with Twoj StartUp for more than a year. I'm a language teacher in Warsaw. The people I have dealt with here have been nothing but professional. Aleksandra, in particular has been EXTREMELY helpful numerous times through out the past year. Communication with her and the other staff members has been quick and clear. As a non-EU passport holder I also had to apply for a work permit which they helped me with. The process was straightforward and quick. I decided to also use their legal services to apply for my temporary residency. Mateusz assisted me with this process and I did indeed get the temporary residence card. Originally, I read about Twoj StartUp on an expat blog and they sounded great. If you read some of the reviews below and you'll see some negative feedback, I don't know if it is all justified because my personal experience has been excellent and the "rules" are well spelled out about the obligations both parties have. The services provided justify the monthly fee.



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